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At Spencer Properties, our goal is to go beyond helping you buy or sell your home—we're committed to serving as your lifelong real estate advisors before, during, and long after the closing. When you work with us, you'll immediately become part of the Spencer family, and we'll stop at nothing to ensure you surpass every one of your goals.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Here's what a few of our past clients have to say about teaming up with Spencer Properties. 

"I will never use another real estate agent from this point on"

"It has been great joy for myself and my family"

"It's the can do attitude that makes such a difference"

"The process was painless, awesome"

"Great experience with everybody was treated royally, very calm, very nice"

"Spencer properties has been a fantastic experience"

"Was definitely a different level of experience and serviceability"

Im working with Jennifer on the buying side into our new house it's been nothing but a pleasure so we want to say thanks"

"I am absolutely blown away at my experience with Spencer Properties!"

"My agent Chianne was amazing, she worked very hard and I ended up with my dream home! Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today."

"We were actually able to snatch our dream house with their help"

"They made the process really easy for us as, especially as first time home buyers. They told us everything we needed to do."

"We were really happy with our experience! "

"It was very nice to have as much help as they provided!"

"They answered all of my questions."

"It was a great process."

"Everything that went into the home buying process was made less stressful because of Spencer Properties."

"We couldn't be more thrilled! Everything went so smoothly with Spencer Properties; making the offer, finding the home, etc."

"A great help and a lot of knowledge and experience that made us feel comfortable working with them."

"Our experience has been amazing and actually a lot faster and easier than I thought. Here we are a month in and we have gotten our dream home that we have always wished for!"

"This is our second home with Spencer Properties."

"Those at Spencer Properties are winners."

"Ken was on every detail. He made it seamless for us!"

"We called Spencer Properties night and day, and they were there for us."

"We hit every road block we could possibly hit, but we couldn't thank everyone at Spencer Properties enough for all that you have helped us out with."

"Good Communication and hand holding during the process!"

"Overall we were very, very satisfied."

"Shianne was the most thorough realtor for us."

"This experience was reqarding."

"Good Communication and hand holding during the process!"

"This market stinks, but Spencer Properties has made the process a lot of fun. Everyone in the office has been awesome! Thanks for the experience, expertise, and advice."

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