Homes with an Office

Imagine being able to wake up and go to work...without having to commute! Home offices are both popular and convenient, especially if you want to work remotely. Looking for the perfect at-home workspace? Here are a few Triangle properties that have the features you're looking for.

Why Buy a Home with an Office?


Total Privacy

When you're working from home, you need privacy, peace, and quiet. Having your own dedicated office space means you won't be interrupted...and you can always close the door!


No Commute

Sick of your morning commute? When you have a home office, you won't have to step foot inside a car, train, or bus to get to work—everything you need is just seconds away.

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Fewer Expenses

Commuting is more expensive than you think. If you work from your home office, you can drastically reduce how much you spend on gas, car maintenance, and so much more.

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Added Convenience

If you're looking to spend more time with your loved ones or get some work done after hours, a home workspace can give you an added level of convenience that you won't find in a regular office.


Tons of Versatility

Home offices aren't just for working! You can use this versatile space for anything, including a craft space, reading nook, or even a media room.

Searching for Your Perfect Workspace?

If you're looking for a Triangle home with a spacious office, we'd love to send you some of our favorite listings. Get in touch with Spencer Properties to start your home search—we're always on hand to answer your questions.