Have you ever met a person and immediately felt like you have known them for your whole life?  That’s Ken! When he walks into the room, it is immediately filled with warmth and laughter--so pay close attention, because this guy loves to quietly cut up! But Ken is not just a lot of fun, he is also a "by-the-book" kinda guy and strives to make sure that the compliancy, operations and inner workings of the firm continue to maintain its already well oiled practice with of course a joke here and there!  He does take his role of Broker-In-Charge and overseeing operations very seriously and although he may appear to be a puppy dog, he will protect Spencer Properties and our clients ferociously while following the rules!

Be sure to ask Ken about his athlete of a son, he'll have the biggest smile as he shares all of their adventures in the world of travel hockey.  Let's Go Canes!!  And his wife is talented too!  She was a professional performing arts dancer when Ken met her and she owns a dance studio in Wake Forest. Let's not forget about his fur babies, three dogs and two cats and when you hear Ken tell stories about them, you can't but help to smile and laugh along with him.

Ken started out his real estate career almost three decades ago working in the family real estate business in Texas where he grew up with a hammer and measuring tape in hand.  With a background in architectural and interior design, construction experience and team management, he's "at home" in real estate.  So this kind, by the book but fun, ferociously protective and family man is a good one to have on your side. 

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