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Getting Ready to Sell in the Triangle?

Have you heard of iBuyers? If you're thinking about listing your home, you might consider using one of these instant offer sites instead of working directly with an agent. iBuyers promise to make the listing process smooth, simple, and fast...but that isn't necessarily the case. Unfortunately, these tools are actually more misleading than you think—and going with a local real estate expert is almost always the better option.

Want to learn more about iBuyers? We're exposing some details you'll want to know if you're thinking about working with these sites. Here's everything you need to know before you get started!

The Drawbacks of iBuyers

You get less money

iBuying websites have one goal in mind: making a profit. This means that their offers are simply not competitive, and you could lose valuable equity that took years to build. In fact, you could miss out on tens of thousands in extra cash when you go with an iBuyer—the convenience isn't always worth it!

You'll pay tons of fees

So many sellers think they'll avoid paying a commission when they work with an iBuyer, but all those hidden expenses can actually cost you even more than you think. On average, iBuyers will charge anywhere from 7% – 13% in fees, which is significantly more than what you'll pay with an agent. 

You won't get any personalized help

When you work with an iBuyer, you'll complete your transaction entirely through a screen. That means you won't get the personalized advice, guidance, and negotiation prowess that comes with working with a local agent. Why should you pay more for less than stellar service? You deserve more!

Why Sell with Spencer Properties

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Individualized Service

Our team of real estate experts is here to help you every step of the way—and we don't work for a huge corporation.


Local Expertise

We've served the Triangle for over 20 years, which means we know the area's market inside and out.


Accurate Estimates

Because we work for you, we'll give you the best possible estimate on your home and won't leave any equity on the table.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to learn the truth about iBuyers? We're here to pull back the curtain for you. Just drop us a line and let us help you navigate the Triangle's hot real estate market. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the selling process!