Photo of Brooke Pancoast

Brooke Pancoast

Senior Listing Broker

How is it possible that you feel like you’ve known Brooke your whole life, but just met her? Well that’s because she has an amazing ability to connect with absolutely everyone she meets. Imagine it’s freshman year, and some random person grabs a seat next to you in class (it’s Brooke). What you didn’t know is that you just landed a friend for life … and she also knows everything for the test. That exact scenario happens with all of her clients – over and over again. So while Brooke was definitely not a chess major in school (not that we can tell anyway), she does have a keen ability to anticipate one killer strategy after another. She knows our market like few do because she gets to know *exactly* what her clients want to accomplish when selling their home, then works strategically and tirelessly to make that happen. You just don’t find that level of commitment from everyone – and it’s evident that her clients are all #teambrooke.

Brooke lights up a room, she always has a hilarious story from one of the adventures of her three kids, and she’s the heart and soul of Spencer Properties. We are so lucky to have her as a Senior Listing Broker, and now we just need someone to teach her which way the little horsey moves from the black square on the chess board.

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